Quilt for the Homeless Man

I’m delighted to feature my second guest poster (and fellow Tribe Writer) Lin Sons this week with an excerpt from her just-published devotional, “We Danced!”  Lin grew up in the farmland of central Illinois, was married to her husband for 40 years, and they had two beautiful children.  Alongside her husband, she was called to the ministry of marriage and family in 1977.  Paralleled with moves in her husband’s aerospace career, God allowed them many broad strokes on the canvas of ministry.  Lin is now a widow and eagerly wants to serve marriages and families.  She has served on the speaker teams of ministries such as Christian Marriage Encounter, Christian Marriage Fulfillment, Campus Crusade for Christ’s Military Ministry, and Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage.  She was also a bible study group leader through Bible Study Fellowship.  Lin has a very real grasp of applying Biblical principles to everyday events in the lives of the individuals, couples or families God sends her way, and is a relationship coach for women who desire to change their paradigm from unhealthy to life-giving.  She has discipled individuals and couples through Christian Women Todaymagazine, and currently serves as a missionary with Global Media Outreach.  She is certified to administer Prepare/Enrich marriage assessment and has completed training with FOCUS Ministries with regards to domestic violence.  Lin also served as a board member and volunteered with at-risk children for 11 years at The Master’s Workshop in Melbourne, Florida.   She  currently serves as a board member and Director of Biblical Studies for Haven of Light, a transition house ministry for the abused in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  

Lin received her B.A. in Biblical Studies summa cum laude through Atlantic Coast Bible College and Seminary.  In her spare time, she enjoys drawing portraits in graphite, and reading.  Please welcome Lin to Postcards From My Head!

 * * * * *

I was new to quilting and had decided to cover a worn quilt with a new quilt top.  I cut up pieces of old fabric, pieced together a top, made the backing, and voila!  With a little time and a few dollars, there was a new quilt to keep in the car for a beach blanket or to snuggle under when the moist Florida air turned chilly and the kids were cold.

Lin Sons

Lin Sons

One particular Wednesday evening at the end of our church service, a transient traveling down US 1 on that cold Florida night stopped by our church to ask for a place to stay.  The church turned him down, even though our building had a room that had only one entrance from the outside and no entrance from that room to the rest of the building.

Buck and I were very upset that the church turned this man away without providing him a warm place to stay.  As we left the parking lot, we prayed as to how the Lord might use us to share God’s love with this man.  We drove out of the parking lot.  On our way home, we knew we could give away our quilt to this man if we could find him.

We turned around and went back to town, going up and down US 1 and looking in all the nooks and shadows for that homeless man.  Finally about a mile from the church, we saw him on the sidewalk of a strip mall.  Buck approached him with the quilt under his arm and told him we were at the church when he asked for a place to stay out of the cold.  We wanted him to know we didn’t agree with the church, and that we wanted him to have the quilt to keep warm. At first he would not accept it.  However, as Buck shared how God had laid it on our hearts to try to find him, he could see our sincerity and accepted our gift of God’s love.

Dance Tip 26

God took our scraps, pieced them  together, and turned them into a blessing for someone who needed warmth and God’s love.  Our lives often look like those scraps.  In the case of Buck and Lin, we were two people from opposite areas with different talents and abilities, who were placed together to be a blessing to others by using the materials we had pieced together for His glory.  We must let the Master shape us and connect us in the exact right way to reflect His beauty.

Is He asking you to take your scraps, piece them together, and become a blessing to proclaim His name to someone who needs His love?

* * * * *

Like what you just read?  To see more, head on over to Amazon.com and pick up your copy of We Danced!  A Devotional Filled with Excerpts from the Dance of a Real Fairy-Tale Romance.  Tell ’em Lucie sent you.

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